THE BUNS (Francia)

Qualche forcina per capelli sul comodino, lucidalabbra rossi, mozziconi di sigarette, due paia di tacchi a spillo sul pavimento. Un duo che sa di profumo e nicotina, finta innocenza e dissolutezza. Indipendentemente da un mascara di fretta e collant sfilati, uniscono energia selvaggia alla loro femminilità più forte e preferiscono il rock ruvido alle dolci confidenze.
Le The Buns non sono ragazze, sono donne. Non suonano, fanno rock’n’roll. Una sorta di garage rock, lontano da quel tocco vintage che si avverte nel loro primo EP “I Want / Thrill Me Up” pubblicato l’anno scorso.
Dopo numerosi concerti in Francia e UK e dopo alcune opening act per prestigiosi nomi francesi ed internazionali (Indochine, The Animals, The Wampas, Hollysiz, ecc…), hanno registrato il loro primo album a Londra, pubblicato a fine aprile 2017, dal titolo “Out Of Bounds”.
A distanza di più di un anno dal loro ultimo tour italiano, eccole nuovamente sui nostri palchi, ancora una volta con Rocketta Booking..





“THE BUNS remind us that rock’n’roll can be played by two messy girls (White Stripes) with just a guitar, a drumkit and two microphones to collect sputters and spasms. The spite and the rabies : model girls.”

“Two women fully of today, energetic and determinated rockers, who shatter clichés of housewife.
Come on secretaries ! Take off our hairbuns, starched white blouses, skirts too straight and too long. We fire the boss and we have fun in jeans with Molly Jin & June Cooper in an old shed that stinks gasoline, turpentine and sweat.”

“2000’s Thelma and Louise, this gang of militant girls purrs like their machine on the tarmac.
Independent and liberated, one on the guitar and another on the drums, they proclaim their sensual songs without any hesitation : ” Our love is over, Bye Bye Baby “! It’s hard to resist these two well dress dolls and their steamy cover of ” Miss You ” of The Rolling Stones !”
LES INROCKS (Printemps de Bourges Festival)

“They are two on stage, a kind of feminine White Stripes beastly powerful. We must confess, they are our favorite. With two instruments and two vocals, the two young ladies dressed as retro bourgeois in a tearoom send us in the face a big and strongly rock. The girls know what they want and do it with no tremble. By the way, congrats for the heels on the drums…”

“THE BUNS are a 100% female duo. Rugged drums and twangy guitar. With addictive and pop vignettes immediatly memorables played by two Mad Women with hairbuns. They record, canvass, go on tour and bring their rock on top of the proverbial mountain hoping hard to save themselves from the bad fate of Sisyphus.”
PRESTO (French Press)